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How To Clean A Cuban Link Chain?

Mar 13,2022 | WilsonEric

Cuban link chains are all the rage these days, where the style of the Miami Cuban link chains exudes contemporary flair; its versatility makes it a perfect ornament for every outfit and event.

The design of a Cuban link chain may look simple but in reality, buying this cool piece of jewelry requires quite a fortune. And once you get your own customized Cuban link chain and rope chain, you surely want it to remain shiny and dazzling for more than a few years!

Is It Necessary To Clean A Cuban Chain?

Whether you own a platinum link chain or have a gold chain inlaid with diamonds, it needs proper maintenance and occasional cleaning.


When you wear your Cuban chain regularly, it gets exposed to environmental elements such as dirt, dust, and oxygen. Skin oils and sweat also destroy the brightness of the chain. Lastly, if you wear makeup or apply cologne every time you step out of the house, the glint of the chain receives a huge blow. All these products contain a high amount of acid, which eventually causes the chain to become dull and look faded.

But being a possessive person, you need your Cuban link chain to look attractive, shiny, and fresh. Cleaning your Cuban chain once in a while will keep your luxurious piece of jewelry unblemished for years to come.

So, the real question is ‘how to clean a Cuban link chain’ in a safe way that brings optimum results.

5 Simple Hacks for Cleaning a Cuban Link Chain

Cleaning a Cuban link chain is simple but a bit challenging. Although the process of removing grime from the chain can be performed at home, you need to be extra careful to do it right. The links of the chain are closely connected. Putting too much pressure on the links may cause them to snap, or a slight mishandling may damage the exterior of the chain.

Here, we have some simple, quick, and easy ways that will help you clean your chain in just a few minutes.

1. Use Dish Soap and Water

The simplest and cheapest way is to use regular dish soap or laundry detergent. Mix the detergent in warm water and create a foamy lather. Carefully soak your chain into the solution for a few minutes and then gently stir it to remove the dirt from every nook and corner. Rinse your jewelry and thoroughly dry it with a soft cloth.

Tada!! Your chain is shining as if it just arrived from the shop.

Remember: Make sure to wipe and dry the chain fully after removing it from the foamy solution. A single drop of water may cause oxygen to migrate to the gold's surface, which will ultimately result in corrosion.

2. Apply Peroxide Solution

This is an offbeat yet effective method of cleaning the gold Cuban link chain. You might need a few things to prepare your cleaning solution, which includes the following supplies:

  • Ammonia
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Few drops of laundry detergent
  • Warm water

Mix all these ingredients in the bowel and soak your Cuban link chain in the solution for about half an hour. The mixture will extract all accumulated dirt and filth from all the bends of the chain. Take it out, rinse it, and dry it properly to have a shiny, spotless chain in no time.

Remember: The process is suitable only for a Gold Cuban link chain. So, if you have a metal or gold plated chain or a Cuban chain with gems and stones, avoid using this technique. The chemicals used in this method can destroy your jewelry and make you rush to a professional for costly repair.

3. Ultrasonic Cleaning Technique

The ultrasonic cleaning technique is mostly used by professionals as the ultrasonic cleaner is a device that emits high-frequency sound waves. These frequencies make the water loosen the dirt from all the curves of the chain.

Remember: Not everybody has an ultrasonic cleaner at home. However, buying one is not expensive; it cost around $30 or more.

4. Get Toothpaste

Cleaning a Cuban link chain with toothpaste will also bring out the beauty of your gold piece. Apply toothpaste on your chain using a soft toothbrush and let it sit on the chain for a few minutes. Make sure to gently scrub the toothpaste and avoid rubbing the stones and gems embedded in your jewelry. Finally, rinse the chain with warm water and dry it with a soft cloth.

Remember: Use a brush with soft bristles because toothpaste contains rough particles that may cause scratches on your chain. Besides, avoid applying the paste on the stones and pearls as this will ruin their shine.

5. Boil Water and Baking Soda

Dipping your gold Cuban link chain in boiling water removes all the dirt from the crevices of the chain. Place your chain in a pot and add water along with a pinch of baking soda. Gradually, bring the water to a boil and stir the chain. It will allow the water to reach every link of the chain. Take the chain out, and don't forget to pat it dry.

Remember: Don’t overheat the water as it may destroy the surface of your chain.

Tips To Maintain a Cuban Link

Cleaning a Cuban link chain is pretty simple. But if you truly want to preserve the shine and luster of your jewelry, we bring you some useful tips to follow.

  • Avoid using jewelry cleaning solutions as they contain harsh chemicals that may tarnish the shine of the chain.
  • Take off your chain before going to bed as it will protect it from snapping and scratches.
  • Place your Cuban link chain carefully in the jewelry box. This will keep it tangle-free and safe.
  • Clean your chain at regular intervals and with warm water to keep it shiny and bright.

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