How to wear cuban link chain?
cuban link chain

How to wear cuban link chain?

Aug 10, 2023

Cuban chain is all the rage in street style these days. This men's jewelry trend is all about mixing and matching several Cuban chain pendants to create bold, eclectic looks that make a statement. I hope this post will give you great ideas to try out if you're planning on wearing a Cuban chain soon. And whether you wear just one pendant or two, this jewelry style is great for all occasions.

Choose a pendant that's classic and timeless.

The Cuban link chain is a classic, timeless piece of jewelry that can be worn with almost anything. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear the Cuban link chain:

Choose a pendant that's classic and timeless. A simple cross or heart pendant will go with just about anything, or you can choose something more modern like an arrow or lightning bolt pendant.

Wear it long with a pair of jeans and t-shirt, or wear it shorter and layered with other necklaces and bracelets.

Layer the Cuban link chain with other chains — like a strand of pearls — for an elegant look.

Dress it up by pairing it with your favorite evening gown or dressy top.

Wear it on your wrist as a bracelet!

Choose a silver or gold Cuban chain.

The cuban link chain can be worn across the body so that it rests on one side of your body. It's quite a statement piece and every woman would look great in this style of chain.

Cuban link chains are available in a vast range of colors from yellow gold to rose gold to white gold and silver, or even black rhodium. You can choose from different sizes, too: braided or smooth lining, etc.

There is no end to the design variations possible with this chain style. A site like  CLC Jewelry  offers a huge selection at competitive prices.

Add a bold bracelet to your Cuban link.

If you are thinking of purchasing a Cuban link bracelet and want to know how to wear them, we have some suggestions for you. In the next several minutes we will give you tips that will help you to use your Cuban link bracelet in a way that enhances its appearance and does not detract from it.
Wear a Cuban link with your formal attire.Wear it with a suit or tuxedo for an elevated look and style.

Cuban links are an investment, so make sure you know how to wear them to get the best return on your investment.