Some Things You Need To Know About The Cuban Link Chain
cuban link chain

Some Things You Need To Know About The Cuban Link Chain

Aug 10, 2023

A fine piece of chain hanging around your neck makes you look dapper and style up your entire outfit. And when it’s a Cuban link chain, we can say you have an excellent choice and exquisite taste.

Cuban link chain with its simple yet versatile twisted rope-like design is famous among men and women (especially those who admire rap artists). The variation in design and the swag factor that comes with this simple piece of jewelry is unmatched.

So how much do you know about this popular style of chain? Here are some things you should know about the Cuban link chain and how these facts make it a worthy choice.

Cuban Link Chains and Hip Hop Culture

Although the Cuban link chain originated from Miami, it became famous right after it became part of the hip-hop culture. Rappers in the 1970s and 1980s started wearing gold Cuban chains. The prominent names include Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, and Biz Markie, who started wearing these chains in their music videos.

As time moved on, the chain became a trendsetter in the hip-hop culture with slight modifications to the original cable link chain. The Cuban link chain that we see today has oval links that intersect each other to form a rope-like pattern. This interlocking design makes the chain attractive, elegant, and modern while allowing the wearer to style up most uniquely.

Today, you can even mimic your favorite rappers, such as Jay Z or DJ Khaled, by wearing similar-looking Cuban link chains.

Considerable Choices of Precious Metal

Gold Cuban link chains are increasingly famous in the fashion world. Yellow gold is often the first choice by wealthy people ready to spend huge sums of money. Cuban chains are prepared with 10K, 14K, 18K, or 22K gold. The higher the karat, the more expensive the chain will be, but it can be a wise investment.

However, if you are not a fan of pure yellow color, you can add copper to get a soft rose gold color. You also have the choice of palladium, nickel, or manganese to obtain white gold variation. Platinum is another fantastic choice if you have a good budget. Cuban Chains also come in silver and titanium, which are also durable metals and super cost-effective. They also give the chains the perfect density and ideal thickness.

The Expensive Nature of Cuban Link Chains

Cuban link chains are a symbol of being wealthy. Although it might not be true all of the time since Jay Z decided to flaunt his 200,000 worth of Cuban link, the idea has taken root.

Moreover, the Cuban link chains are mostly made of gold. Gold is a precious metal and makes the chain heavier and more expensive. If someone decides to embed diamonds into the chain, the price will further shoot up. Manufacturing and designing high-quality gold Cuban chains is an expensive and elaborate process.  This further adds to the cost of the piece.

Cuban link chains are also available in gold-plated chains. This is a good option for someone on a limited budget who still needs a fine piece of jewelry.

Cuban Chains are Strong and Durable

Besides the elegance and beauty, Cuban link chains are extremely strong and durable. The interlocking patterns are carefully designed, and heat is used to secure the oval intersects further. This prevents them from snapping or breaking under considerable pressure.

Cuban Chain is Perfect for Pendants

Cuban chains come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and lengths. Depending on your taste and the style you want to create, finding a perfect piece is not a big deal. You can further enhance the look of your Cuban Chain by pairing it up with a pendant or an ancestral locket you might have in your safe.

By putting your favorite pendant with the Cuban chain, the duo will make sure your personality looks charming.

The Ideal Width of Cuban Link Chain

The width of the Cuban link chain specifies its true worth. The more thick and bulky it is, the more money you have spent on the jewelry. Choose a width between 10mm, 12mm, or 19 mm if you want a heavier chain. As for women, the ideal width is between 5mm to 8mm.  

However, the Cuban link chain also comes in thinner styles (if you have a different taste than the rest). A thinner Cuban Link Chain makes you look modest and classy. The suitable width for a sleeker Cuban Chain should be between 6mm to 8.5mm.

The Perfect Length of Cuban Chain

Like its thickness, the right length is also important while designing a Cuban link chain. The size of the Cuban link chain depends upon your taste and your collarbone structure. Small style, choker shape, long Cuban chain, whatever your pick is, it will bring out your collar bone, modifying your entire style.

The most preferred length of Cuban link chains is between 18 and 22 inches for men and 16 to 18 inches for women.

Two Types of Cuban Chains

There are two types of Cuban link chains available in the market: the Miami Cuban link chain and the Prong link. As we all know, the Miami Cuban link chain is exceptionally famous and has oval interlocking patterns. These chains are strong, durable, and worth a fortune.

As for the Prong link chain, it has sharper and more deep cuts and has a woven-squared design. They have recently become the talk of the town.

Up Your Style Profile with CIC Cuban Chains

Cuban link chain has always been in trend, but with hip-hop culture gaining more popularity, Cuban Chains are also gaining the spotlight.

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