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Why Are Cuban Chains So Expensive? - CLC&CO

Oct 08,2022 | WilsonEric

Cuban link chains, also known as Miami Cuban link chains, are extremely popular worldwide with their beautiful oval and round interlocking pattern and thick geometric design. The Miami Cuban link chain is an important symbol of 70s evolution, and since then, it has been popular and climbing the stairs of success worldwide. Many famous fashionistas and rappers love to style this chain in different ways to rock their looks. Despite the usual hefty price tags, people are fans of this Miami chain because of its classy designs.

But what makes this chain so expensive that an averagely paid individual can’t afford it? Let’s find out all the secrets behind the hefty price tags of Cuban link chains.

Cuban Link Chain-CLC Jewel

Use of Precious Metals

But, not every common man can afford to wear this pricey chain since they are typically made of gold and other precious stones and are adorned with diamonds to enhance the visual appeal and swagger. After all, the way gold and diamond symbolize the personality of a person, no metal can do. However, you can buy one made from silver, platinum, steel, and titanium. Silver and titanium are relatively affordable options, but a combination of different precious metals usually charge the same or near a gold Cuban link chain.

Not to forget, adding diamonds or other precious stones can take the price to a whole new price level.  No wonder in the past and even in the present era in urban countries, they are considered the sign of wealth and happiness. The more expensive the chain is, the wealthier the person is.

The Procedure of Making a Miami Cuban Chain by Hand

Miami Cuban chains were discovered in Miami through a handmade process that was very risky. Authentic Cuban link chains are still handmade, which is why their price is always talking to the sky. Many countries like the US, Italy, France have invented machines that make Miami Cuban chains, but they don't have the same value as a handmade Cuban chain.

But how are these expensive and difficult jewelry made by hand? Following is the strenuous procedure for composing a Miami Cuban chain;

Melting the Gold at 1979 Degrees Celsius

Jewelers recommend adding other metals like aluminum, copper, or steel to increase the durability and strength of the gold chain as gold is fragile and extremely bendable on its own. After composing a gold alloy, the mixture is melted with a propane torch at 3595 degrees Fahrenheit. 1979 degrees are equal to 3595-degree Fahrenheit.

Solid gold alloy becomes a pure viscous liquid at this temperature which is then poured into an iron ingot mold, already standardized according to the dimension of the gold bar. The Miami Cuban chain is expensive because it's made with sweat, blood, and long hours of hard work by workers who spend their days and nights melting gold alloy at 1979° Celsius.  

The Tiresome Stretching, Rolling, and Cutting Process of the Gold Chain

Next, the gold bar will be stretched and compacted through automatic mills into the shape of a wire after it has been created through the previous procedure. This is the most time-consuming process as it is very difficult to stretch the solid bar into a thin wire for a chain. Then the gold wire is passed through the different sized holes to continue the rounding out process.

Following that, the gold wire is tightly rolled into a metal bar of the correct diameter to form the coil based on the size of the chain. This process involves the hard work of two people at a minimum, as it’s a burdensome chore to form the coil. After forming the coil, it has to be cut straight to form the individual interlocking patterns of the chain.

Soldering the Chain at 650-795 Degrees Celsius

When the gold chain is created, jewelers solder these links with a special gold solder at 650-795 degrees Celsius (depending on the chain’s karat). After soldering, the maker twists them to slack them together in a flat shape. After the soldering is complete, the makers fill the links flat and polish them to rock your style. According to an estimate, it takes more than 14 hours to make a Cuban link chain.

These are the factors behind the price tag of Miami Cuban link chains. It's not just a gold chain that people love to wear and style, but it involves sweat, risk, danger, and the physical strength of a chain maker. However, there are more factors behind the expensiveness of the Miami Cuban link chains, such as the size and length of the chain. Let's look into that;

Size and Length of the Miami Cuban Link Chain

The price tag of the Cuban chain also depends upon the weight, size, and length of the chain you want to wear. Rappers and rock stars usually wear long and heavy chains.

Though the Cuban chain symbolizes a person's wealth, its size has to go with your physical appearance. Below 3mm chain is usually preferred for women Cuban link chain and men to get a clean and minimal look. However, 2mm is considered the typical size in the jewelry market. On the other hand, 5mm cuban chain helps a person stand out from others as it is bold and looks super cool and classy.

However, if you really want to look like hip-hop artists and rappers you admire, you should opt for the size 10mm to 20mm. Always remember that the bigger the size is, the more money you will have to spend.

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